What are odds and how to work with them on the site of the bookmaker Mostbet

Players who bet on sports for the first time quite quickly begin to understand what exactly the odds offered in the lines of bookmakers mean. Players take sports odds for granted and don't try to delve deeper to understand where they come from. In this article, we will look at what they are.

What is a betting odd

The coefficient in betting is a number that determines the amount of winnings in case of a successful bet on one of the events presented in the BC line. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odds by the bet amount. It is logical that the higher the odds, the higher the winnings.

Odds of bookmakers can vary greatly, they depend on the bookmaker's margin. Note that the lowest margin is provided on the mostbet-az-90.com bookmaker website, where you can register right now and get a bonus for new players.

How to calculate sports betting odds

To make it easier to understand where odds come from, let's look at the easiest example. To do this, take an event in which the probability of winning opponents is 50%. The battle of tennis players R. Nadal and R. Federer in the US Open final will be ideal. Players have the same chance of winning the Grand Slam tournament.

It seems that it would be logical if the odds offered by the bookmaker for this event looked like 2.00 - 2.00. This would be ideal. However, do not forget about the margin of bookmakers (you can find out about the size of the bookmaker's margin in the next article), so the odds before the game will most likely look like this: 1.9 - 1.9. If you bet 1,000 rubles on the victory of one of the players and the bet turns out to be winning, the bookmaker will give 1,900 rubles, and keep a margin of 100 rubles.

If the chances of one of the players to win increase, for example, due to the news of a minor injury, the odds in this case may look like 1.5 - 2.4.

Also, the change in odds is affected by a possible “load” on one of the players, in this case, bookmaker analysts adjust the odds. For "big" events, the coefficients are quite often edited by the analysts themselves, and for smaller ones by a "robot".

In order to find out the probability of an event, you need to divide 100 (one hundred) by the odds provided by the bookmaker. For example, with a coefficient of 1.45, the probability of an event will be 68.9%